Why rent your car out?

Iconberg is a smartest way to earn money from your car when not in use by you. Whether you’re going on a long vacation, finding it difficult to pay the loan depth on your car, deciding to sell your car but you love it or simply not using it enough because it’s always backing in your garage, you can list it on Iconberg and have it earn income for you to take care of these concerns.

At Iconberg, we have verified drivers and trustworthy renters ready to put your car to work immediately it’s signed on. We handle all booking process, manage all payments, and followup all through the period the car is working with a renter, so you won’t be distracted from your other engagements. All payments from renters are collected by us and deposited straight into your preferred bank account.

We also draw up a formal rental agreement with comprehensive terms and conditions so that both renters, drivers and owners are on the same page and understand their obligations during the rental period. Your car is also covered by a special Iconberg Fleet Insurance Policy Excess package and a Driver’s Fidelity Guarantee Insurance during rental, giving you peace of mind.

Who can hire my car?

Because trust and security is key to our services, every car rented on Iconberg goes with a driver who have gone through a comprehensive verification process. Our aim is to create an online community of trusted people, so they can all reap the rewards of car sharing. To achieve this goal, we’ve established partnership with external bodies who handle our driver’s recruitment exercise to ensure that no stone is left unturned while onboarding any driver in the community. This is to make sure your car is safe and secure as must as possible

For your peace of mind:

We recruit experienced drivers/riders
Our drivers/riders are fully trained with years of experience in driving long and short routes.
We carry out thorough security verification
Stop worrying about your vehicle's safety. Our drivers are verified with background checks performed on at least two guarantors.
We trained our drivers on Good Work Ethics
Our drivers/riders are trained to produce a strong work ethic that helps them to produce quality work while handling your car.
Training on Vehicle Maintenance skills
We recruit drivers that would ensure your vehicle is in top condition at all times. Iconberg drivers are fully trained on basic maintenance techniques.

So if you’re wondering, ‘Who can hire my ride?’ Only driver-assigned bookings are allowed on Iconberg. This is because we don’t want to engage in any form of renter’s verification procedures that will delay booking process and slow down the income your car can make. However, to ensure our drivers are working for legitimate renters, we ensure every renter:

  • Has their Identity verified – their Nigerian driver’s license, passport, and other government-issued documents. We even go the extra mile to verify their social media accounts to know their identity and online presence
  • Collect comprehensive data on the booking and verify them, like their pickup location, destination, purpose of booking the vehicle etc.

You can earn as must as N300,000 over the next 30days.

For a limited time, if you list your car now and meet a few basic criteria you will earn at least N300,000 over the next 30days. Guaranteed.

List Your Car

Where Do I Go From Here?

List your car

Before you can start renting, you will first need to create a listing for your vehicle.
Renters want to drive cars that are ideally suited to their needs and are well-cared for. Use the car listing to ‘sell’ the advantages of your car and attract more renters. Cars with goodquality photos are more likely to receive rental requests, and be realistic about your pricing expectations.

Respond and manage your booking requests

Once your listing has passed all the necessary checks, your car will be listed and available to the viewing of the public and members of the community and can be booked from Iconberg
When a renter is interested in renting your car you will be sent a ‘Booking Request’ or ‘Availability Check’ notification. You choose who you rent your car to, and when to rent it, while we help you set the price to meet market value and standard. You can view feedback about renters’ previous transactions to help you serve future bookings well.

Handover and Return

You've approved the booking, now what?
Once we have completed the booking process and confirmed that payment has been received, we will assign a driver to your bookings and you can liaise with the assigned driver to confirm a handover time and location. We provide the driver a handover checklist and inspection report to record details of the condition of the car at the start and end of the rental. You are also encouraged to take photographs confirming the condition of the vehicle before it was handed over to the driver after you have completed and signed the handover checklist and inspection report. Make sure your vehicle is cleaned before handover and has atleast a half tank of fuel. The renter is also required to do the same at the time of return of the vehicle.

Servicing and registration

As the owner, you are responsible for maintaining your car, including tyres, and ensuring that it is regularly serviced and well-maintained. We can help arrange discounted servicing through our nationwide service agents and mechanics. You are also responsible for ensuring that the vehicle registration and permits are current.

Vehicle Tracking Device

As the owner, you are responsible for the tracking of your vehicle. Before your vehicle qualifies to be listed on our platform, you are expected to have a tracking device installed in your vehicle if you have not already done that. This is to enable you effectively monitor and manage the safety of our vehicle while its been rented out. Iconberg do not track vehicles for individual owners. Owners takes that responsibility. However, if you don’t know how to go about that, we can refer you to a reliable tracking company. If you are going for a new insurance policy registration for your vehicle through our partnering insurance company, tracking device is already part of the package.

Insurance for accident & theft

All Individual Vehicle Owners must ensure that their Vehicle Insurance Policy registration is up to date. While your car is being rented, it’s also covered by Iconberg Fleet Insurance Policy which covers 50% of your car’s insurance policy excess and also our Driver’s Fidelity Guarantee Insurance which covers for the damages done by our Iconberg driver’s mistakes.. In the event of an accident or damage, we will help manage the claims process with your insurance to get your car back on the road as quickly as possible. Refer to your Individual Vehicle Owners Contract Agreement for more details.

On-the-Road Assistance

Your car is covered by 24/7 on-the-road Operational Unit assistance while it is being rented or working with a client. You can rent out your car worry-free knowing that when it’s on the road, it’s still being looked after and tracked by our Operation Unit.

We’re always here to help

Iconberg is here to help you with any questions or issues that may arise. You can contact us by phone, email or Live Chat. See the Contact Us page for more details.